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Happy 2 Help Kids has been recognised as a non-profit organisation by the tax office of Regensburg on 01.07.2021, because it exclusively and directly serves tax-privileged and charitable purposes.


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My wife and I have known each other since childhood, where we attended a German school in Transylvania, with high school graduation also in German. After studying in Hamburg and Avignon, we got married in beautiful Tuscany. After numerous stays abroad, and the almost 30 countries we have now visited, both privately and professionally, we have realized one thing: regardless of origin, the promotion of children is of essential importance. On the one hand, to crystallize and promote children's talents and, on the other, to prevent them from going off the rails. After nearly 15 years of managing and coordinating major projects in the automotive industry, we launched this non-profit organization in early summer 2021 to support children in Germany. We ourselves are parents of a 5-year-old daughter and would like every child in this country to have at least the same opportunities for personal development.